Amazon Seller Startup Checklist kit

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This package provides you with a practical, detailed and user friendly/simple guide to assist you in setting up a viable Amazon business in the US. 

Having first entered the Amazon seller arena in 2017 with very limited experience/knowledge of the US e-commerce market, we were met with numerous challenges ranging from Amazon’s many stringent seller requirements and regulations to setting up a compliant US based company from South Africa. Navigating through these unfamiliar processes presented us with hurdles which were often frustratingly difficult to overcome and at times overwhelming due to the limited resources offered by Amazon when seeking clarity or information around listing and selling products. This guide is the result of our journey of trial and error, indepth research and a rollercoaster of experiences, designed to pave a smoother way for you as a potential Amazon seller. Included with this package is a 15min Q&A session with our fearless, brave Amazon Warrior, Clint Sheraton.

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