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Driving a 7 figure Amazon brand with over 6 years Seller Experience

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Amazon Seller Account Management

What we do?

Our primary focus is to support companies in retailing their brands on the Amazon Marketplace. We provide a wide range of assistance, including setting up an entity; managing your Amazon account and PPC campaigns; handling logistics; conducting product research; securing growth funding; and other services as listed. With our extensive six years of experience as successful Amazon sellers, we ensure a seamless transition for you as the seller.

Amazon Account Management

We manage all aspects of your Seller Account with the aim of growing and establishing your brand as a solid and strong contender within Amazon’s marketplace arena.

Account Setup for Amazon

We will walk with you and guide you through the process, answering any questions and clarifying any uncertainty as you take these first steps on your Amazon journey.

Marketing: SEO & PPC

Utilise our SEO and PPC Management Services to grow your business through ensuring that you are reaching your target market and maximizing the ROI on your advertising spend.

Consulting for Amazon Sellers

We collaborate with and assist you with anything from creating PPC ad campaigns to resolving listing errors or suppressions.

What we offer?

As a consulting agency which specialises in the Amazon marketplace for sellers, we offer a range of consulting services.

Our Origin Story

Having first entered the Amazon seller arena in 2017 with very limited experience/knowledge of the US ecommerce market, we were met with numerous challenges ranging from Amazon’s many stringent seller requirements and regulations, to setting up a compliant US based company from South Africa. Navigating through these unfamiliar processes presented us with hurdles which were often frustratingly difficult to overcome and at times overwhelming due to the limited resources offered by Amazon when seeking clarity or information around listing and selling products. The insights we have gained through our journey of trial and error, indepth research and a rollercoaster of experiences, has equipped us with the tools and knowledge to pave a smoother way for you as a potential Amazon seller.

We now have the experience of having built a 7-figure Private Label brand on Amazon in the US while operating from Cape Town, South Africa, which now ranks at Number 4 in its respective category. In our experience as a wholesale seller we have grown a brand to Number 1 in its category.

Why choose us?

Sellers for over 6 years in both the US & UK markets.

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We have been featured in both online media and speakers at local events.

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About our founder.
About our founder.

Clint Sheraton has over 20 years ecommerce experience with the last 6 years spent as an Amazon Seller of both wholesale & private label brands, driving a 7 figure Amazon business. He has recently established an agency dedicated to supporting both new and experienced sellers in their Amazon ventures. He was also the 1st employee in Africa for Bolt (Taxify) instrumental in launching this Ride hailing service in South Africa which generated revenues in excess of R2bn within 3 years.

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